There are certain animals that require special care when they are rescued, either because they are too young or too old, or it is possible that the situation that has lived on the streets made him sick or has suffered an accident and is badly hurt.

For this type of animal life in a shelter is made doubly hard, hence we should look for alternatives and have a place to stay more comfortable for him, it largely depends on a speedy recovery.
Imagen Acogidas Temporales

Of course, in the case of healthy animals, foster homes bring a better and more quickly adapt to family life, which increases and speeds up the possibility of being relocated to its permanent home, as we will have a clearer understanding of which will be the best environment for the animal.

Thus, working as a temporary home could play an important role in the bran of abandoned animals, only the animal’s stay at home and offering the care they need. The costs of care are borne by the Foundation.

No doubt, as in any other form of collaboration is essential to a high degree of responsibility and to meditate in advance and in detail, the commitment that we set. We will be here to advise and suggest, based on your life circumstances, which animal would be more suitable to live temporarily with you.

But do not doubt there will be many who will help … and always will be some waiting as his best “kangaroo”.

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