Centre management is based on the FBM clinical recovery of the dogs and their adaptation to a new condition as pets, and this is a chance that they lack when used for hunting or racing.

At the same time, from the center, working on the causes of abuse and neglect of greyhounds looking for solutions and alternatives, seeking to halt the rise of greyhounds discarded by their owners.

Imagen Centro Recuperacion

Education is very present in the project work of the Foundation, we have in our facilities from a Classroom Educational Center we approach a point for children and young people, to the problems posed by inadequate treatment of the animals, thus promoting greater awareness and a more respectful and protective of animal life.

Thus, Mehnert Benjamin Foundation started its activity in Andalusia with the management of the first Greyhounds Recovery Center in the area.

The construction of these facilities allows us to continue doing our work with higher quality health care and hygiene of animals (recognition and cures, worming, vaccination, identification, sterilization, surgical and other actions) as well as providing much treatment more personalized and tailored to the needs of each of the animals, helping them to overcome any trauma from abuse and preparing them to be relocated to new families. In short, to provide the opportunity they need as many greyhounds as possible to ensure their future welfare.

The center is located in an area of 20,000 m2 and inside there are several vessels of different surfaces and functions, reaching just over 2,000 m2. In addition to the ships of quarantine, the animals stay and recreation areas such, it has several important additional services:

Consulta2 veterinary consultation Quirofano2 operating rooms

RayosXX-ray room and laboratory

Sala RecuperaciónRecovery room
PeluqueriaHairdresser. OtrasToilets and storage.