Clearly, the situation of animals in our country and the treatment they receive at present, requires a continual work in both the protection of those who have suffered neglect today or other form of abuse, such as the implementation of any bring action to a future far more acceptable and appropriate for them. Actions that prevent new futures and that every day we become a country respectful of all life, are absolutely necessary today.

Imagen Educación
We from Benjamin Foundation Mehnert understand education as an essential work for the future of which we speak and that is increasingly distant. Our cultural level is also measured based on solidarity, respect and protection of the environment and animals. These are factors that show quite significant and greatly our cultural level.
Get into the school through various activities coordinated with faculty, is one of our goals closer. Of course, the educational aula which we have in the FBM Center plays an important role in this task that we set, as it will enable children to learn about protection work being done in our country at the hands of many animal welfare organizations and, more specifically, the work done in this regard by the Foundation.
Teaching children care and responsibilities that require us animals living with us, they will be more responsible adults, which will undoubtedly have repercussions later and greatly in the lives of many animals.
Undoubtedly, it will also work from the Benjamin Foundation Mehnert.
Educating today, will save many animals in the future.