The physical aspect of greyhound dog makes it a unique given its appearance is slim and slender and their physical characteristics and condition of athletes have made him a highly coveted dog. Today, almost all of them, is only intended to be used for hares and hunting competitions. The greyhound is generally dismissed as a pet.

No doubt, their use in hunting and their assessment exclusively for hunting hare, has made an eternal life of greyhound racing for survival: keeping useful to their owners after each season.

El galgo

Any of these noble animals, young, strong and slender may be discarded by a bad race, by a lack of speed, an unexpected turn when running after the hare, a sprained foot, by accidental amputation of its tail end which acts as a rudder in the race, etc … all of them absurd causes longer become a potential “champion” or an animal featured in their duties, they lose all value for the group galguero.

It is from then that he began the countdown in the life of a greyhound. Delivered to the kennels for slaughter, stranded in the fields where they usually have run for their owners, dead of a gunshot to the head, hanged, burned, tied to a stone until he died of starvation and endless cruelties is beyond reason.

Organizations from all over Spain and abroad fight relentlessly to end this tragedy repeats every year without putting up any control measure. Meanwhile, work excessively to save relocating some of these lives as pets. And there indeed that the greyhound is doing his “great race.” His nobility, good attitude to children and the elderly, their adaptation to family life and his serene and elegant presence is gaining ground in our country having reached its goal in other European countries for several years.

Today, slowly, quietly, these beautiful animals are coming into our homes to escape the cruel fate that marked those who have no scruples. The Benjamin Foundation Mehnert, struggle to change each of these wonderful lives that come to us and deserve our admiration because they are true survivors of human cruelty.