Currently Mehnert Benjamin Foundation assisted more than 300 animals of which most are dogs who have suffered abuse or neglect.
At this time, pending completion of the construction of the Recovery Center , our animals are located in 3 separate facilities where they receive veterinary care and control continued.
Nuestro trabajo
His daily care demands a great effort in both human and financial resources, hence the importance of your collaboration.

In the 2 years that the Foundation has been working in Seville has saved over 1000 animals, of which most are today, happily adopted by families in various European countries.

Today the people who make the Foundation an optimistic face, and aware of the effort and responsibility involved in our future project: the next management Animal Recovery Centre Benjamin Mehnert.

We hope to have you in this difficult but essential new journey.

Collaborate in the Benjamin Foundation Project Mehnert and save those dogs together disadvantaged who need our help now, not to mention future prevent new cases, working on the development of a more aware and respectful of the animals!

Mehnert Benjamin Foundation’s main objective is the care and recovery of dogs of all breeds that have been subject to abuse and neglect, with special emphasis on the dogs, then promoting their relocation to suitable homes.

Develop our goals from different lines of work:

  • Recovery Management Center.
  • Campaigns of birth control in pets.
  • Development through education and through various communication tools, a better understanding of the needs of animals in order to promote their welfare, taking actions aimed at all social fields in order to promote a society sensitized and concerned with the problem of abuse and neglect of animals, existing in our country.
  • Participation in the development of the activities of other institutions that perform actions coincide or complement those of the Foundation.
  • Prevention and reporting of abuse to animals and neglect.
  • Disclosure and advice on the proper care of pets loa.
  • Promoting responsible ownership.