They arrived this morning from a village in Seville where they were found abandoned.
There are five beautiful little devils, and we are looking for five foster homes for each of them.
We are looking for responsible foster carers who take on the care and mischief of a puppy (they will pee at home, they will nibble on things, they may cry or bark, and they cannot go outside until they have completed the vaccination schedule)
– Only province of Seville, since the little ones must come to our center for veterinary check-ups.
– Come throughout the day tomorrow for them in our opening hours
– Responsible foster please! (If you have a planned trip, you should consider all the possibilities)
– We bear all costs!
➡️ If you are interested and meet all the requirements, write us a private message on our Facebook page!
[IMPORTANT NOTE: They are not yet available for adoption, so we will not answer any adoption request for them.]

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