This little girl of only 7 months has just increased our family. We have called her Perita and from the beginning we knew that something was wrong … Upon her arrival, in addition to showing a weight below the average weight for a puppy her age, our veterinarians discovered a lump in her throat and we quickly got on. alert. Some time later, when our little girl began to eat, we observed that she vomited every time she ate, so a specific diagnosis began to haunt our heads … Indeed, after the first tests, we have confirmed that our little girl suffers from megaesophagus, an injury which causes vomiting of food after ingestion, hence barely gaining weight. At this point, a surgery awaits Perita to try to solve her problem, and although it is a delicate surgery and does not give 100% guarantees of total recovery, the truth is that we are going to try everything to return our little girl. a normal life”…
Help us save and get Perita back. Please, collaborate with us 🙏

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