This week almost every day has been Friday. It has been a week full of emotions, travels, and different destinations. The USA, Belgium, Germany and Canada will be the countries in charge of welcoming our little ones, where the goal is the same for all: HAPPINESS.
We started saying goodbye on Sunday to 4 of our little ones who were heading to the US by the hand of Love, Hope, Believe Galgo Adoption Inc. On Tuesday finally, and after several weeks of waiting for bureaucratic procedures, 5 of them were able to travel to California (USA) with our friends from SAGE Save A Galgo Español. The turn of Belgium and All 4 Dogs arrived on Thursday, and we said goodbye to the last two Felicia’s children who were still with us, Floro and Feliz could finally be happy in our new homes. Germany’s turn was on Friday, and perhaps the most emotional, as we said goodbye and said goodbye to our beloved Endira after more than two years with us. All thanks to Vegrennen EV who have not stopped searching for a family for our little one! He was also accompanied by 4 more greyhounds on his trip that would stop in Belgium to meet their families thanks to Galgo Save Belgium. And tomorrow Sunday and not least, we will say goodbye to our naughty Pepita and our beautiful Moises who have found family on the other side of the ocean, nothing more and nothing less than in Canada with aour friends of Extraordinary Galgos and Podencos!
Have a good trip to those who are about to embark. And happy life to the rest
We are going to miss you sooo much …@

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