They have already begun to open their eyes and are beginning to be curious about the noises. They are discovering the games between them, but they are so young that they often lose their balance and spend more time trying to get up than playing with each other, it is super fun to watch them !!!! Estrella is a super mom, she does not separate from them and is always aware that everyone is well. Hold on like a champion when the 12 little ones assault her at lunch without even complaining a bit. It is wonderful to see them.
How lucky they have been to be born in FBM. And how lucky we are to have them here with us and to be part of the beginning of their lives.
A gift that we will undoubtedly share with you!
[IMPORTANT NOTE: Estrella’s babies are not yet available for adoption, nor will they be soon. We must be cautious and wait to see their evolution. Therefore, NO requests will be honored for them]

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