Many of you already know her. Marisela was found in the street with these horrible wounds on her face. She did not have an easy past, and despite our efforts to give her the best care, she has had several mishaps with some of her colleagues that have ruined all the work achieved in recovering from her injury.
And no, she is not a conflictive dog, Marisela is 11 years old, has a huge wound, a difficult past and what she is looking for is tranquility, so she does not react well when they bother her (and she never started the conflict).
She seeks contact with people at all costs, she chases us to get pampering and is tremendously sweet.
We believe that it is time for her to finally enjoy the warmth of a home and with a family that gives her the happiness that she so much needs and deserves.
We promise that whoever adopts it will have undoubtedly made one of the best decisions of their life.
Can you help us to find her a family?

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