We promise we have tried everything …
We already told you before that her little paw was not doing as well as it should. Her hip did not recover, and our little girl still had pain, and that pain made it impossible for her to advance in her recovery …
We have tried all possible physiotherapy techniques, we have given her therapeutic massages, we have always been aware of her and you already know that we have pampered her as much as we can, but things do not always go as we want …
None of us wanted to assume it, and we assure you that an unimaginable sadness invades us. You cannot imagine the anger we feel after having fought so hard for her and to get her little leg back, that after all the best solution has been this …
Fate has wanted to make it difficult for us.
But you know that at FBM we don’t give up.
And that miracles exist here.
And Astrid will walk again, even if she only supports three legs.
This is just the beginning little one,
Get ready, because this only gives us more and more strength to continue fighting for you.
And you know what?

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