Good morning for good news! Our vets tell us that Bormu is getting better! His vomiting and diarrheas ceased, giving way to normal-looking poop (never one 馃挬 make us so excited! 馃槅) He is still weak, but we hope that with the cessation of vomiting he can begin to gain weight and feel better and better. He had respiratory complications and now he has a bit of a cold, but the important thing is that he is out of danger! We already told you that he is a real fighter, and as a good fighter he continues in the fight to recover! And ever closer to singing victory … Little by little little one! Let’s get it!
PS: By the way… Don’t has a super cute little face? 馃グ
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More than happy! There are no happier moments than these for us. The moment when a family comes to pick up our little one to

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