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Now, he shares the sofa and sweet dreams with his new little brother from whom he doesn’t separate. Happy ending they say… With this beautiful picture we say goodbye to the week and wish you a very good night!

Two complete trailers. 66 pallets of feed. 42 sacks on each pallet. AND 41580 KILOS OF FEED!!!! Thank you, thank you and thousands of thanks to VETO – Tierschutz for this incredible donation of feed and to our friends of Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V. and Far From Fear e.V. for collaborating as always in this … Read more

She is quite malnourished, she has the beginning of cataracts and our veterinarians also suspected a possible pyometra, so today, without delaying any further, she underwent our operating room. We are looking for an adoption for her, but above all and in the meantime, a foster family where she can be calm and help her … Read more

JOIN OUR TEAMING! One euro. Just €1 that means nothing to you, in exchange for thousands of lives saved. If you like our work, help us to continue making it possible. Help us to continue saving lives.

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