Dan’s new life 🥰

Our boy’s life was not easy at all. ..
He was abandoned with his siblings with only a few weeks old.
He saw how all his brothers got a family while he was still here.
He was adopted once, but his happiness lasted only two days and he returned to us again.
And since then he has been more than 2 years waiting for his family …
Our friends from Love, Hope, Believe Galgo Adoption Inc. couldn’t get rid of the idea of ​​finding family for him, and we got down to work to prepare for his trip to the US. For a little over two months he has been in foster care at the home of our friends Travis and Amanda, and a few days ago the great news arrived that we were all waiting for: DAN FOUND FAMILY !!!
The wonderful Thulin family has not only given him the opportunity of a lifetime, they have managed to make all of us who know Dan happy because we know this is what he deserves. A family that loves him and takes care of him forever ❤
You cannot imagine the satisfaction it gives us to see him like this, the owner of the sofa in his new house and sleeping so comfortably …
We never gave up hope little one. We knew you were special and that sooner or later you would get it!
Your time to be very very happy has finally arrived !!
Enjoy the life you deserve,
Enjoy your new life! 😊

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