This year, we have been super good, and the entire FBM team has made an enormous effort to save hundreds of animals! Two weeks before of the end of the year, our numbers tell us that this year we have saved 963 animals and we have returned their illusion in the form of adoption to 912 of them!!! We have grown compared to the previous year, and that is due to the enormous effort of all of us who make up this great family.
As you well know, our priority is always them. So most of the money raised thanks to donations is invested in them and in improving our facilities, always leaving all workers at the end … This is why today we want to ask it for them. And for those simple and necessary objects for the team. They are simple gifts, of low economic value, but essential for all the gears to continue working …
We need:
– Simple leash 2 cm wide (4.50 approx) 50 units
– Basic mop and mop buckets (€ 5-8 approx) 10 units.
– Wall meter vinyl (€ 15 approx) 2 units.
– Litter box for cats (€ 19 approx) 3 units.
– Basic black fleece lining (€ 15) 20 units: ask for sizes!
– Wall file cabinet (€ 20) 2 units
– 1 TB portable hard drive (50-60 € approx) 2 units
– Shoe disinfection tray (€ 55 approx.) 3 units.
– Large collectors and brooms (€ 20 / € 5-10 approx) 14 units each.
– Non-slip safety footwear (€ 36 approx.) 6 units: ask for sizes!
– Rain boots (€ 45) 10 units: ask for sizes!
– Large garbage containers (€ 35 approx) 6 units.
– Electric heater (€ 20) 6 units.
– Trap camera for rescues (€ 90 approx) 1 unit.
We also ask that no animals suffer abuse 🙏, that all those who remain with us find a home soon 🐕🏠, and that those who have already left, know the greatest possible happiness !!
We promise to be good again in 2022!
A hug,
Benjamin Mehnert Foundation.
(IMPORTANT !: If you want to collaborate with us and give us something from the list, send us a private message indicating what gift you would like to give us, in order to update the list of gifts that are still pending)

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