Do you know our kennel residence? 🏨🐕

Do you know our kennel residence? 🏨🐕
We are aware that your best friend will not be anywhere like home, but in the philosophy of our foundation, the well-being of our furry friends is the first.
If you plan a vacation in which your friend cannot accompany you, you can trust us to also give him a good holiday and have a great time!
At the Foundation we put at your service our canine stay with relaxing music, with rooms that have a covered area and a private outdoor patio. In addition, your friend will enjoy 2000 m2 of outdoor recreation and leisure areas for a minimum of 4 hours a day, always under the supervision of our specialized staff, with extensive veterinary training and canine psychology.
Among our services you will find:
– Daily cleaning and disinfection of the rooms.
– Permanent contact with the owners throughout the stay, sending photos and images via mobile (you will see how well your pet is having fun!)
– High kind food included.
– Rest areas equipped with air conditioning and heating.
– Veterinary care available to ensure their well-being.
– Caregivers on site 24 hours.
– Enclosure bounded with surveillance cameras and great security measures.
As proof, below you can see some of our current guests enjoying their stay 😉
Come and see. What are you waiting for?!!

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