Five huge hearts ❤

They have been collaborating with us for years, helping our dogs to find families, and helping us with the foundation’s tasks every time they come …
Marina, Nadine, Katja, Tanja and Claudia are more than volunteers, because they have earned all our admiration and respect.
Because more than volunteers, they are friends who always support us from a distance and having them with us again sharing so many moments has been wonderful 🥰
They have photographed more than 100 dogs to help us spread them, they have carried out cleaning tasks, they have taken for a walk and they have pampered all our furry dogs, and they were without a doubt the best nurses of our beloved Casilda.
Five huge hearts that we’re already missing …
The Fbm team thanks you for all the work and effort, and without a doubt, we are already counting the days to see you again !!!
Dear friends,

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