Fly high … 💔

Dear Yina,
I don’t even know where to start, and maybe these words can’t express everything I feel …
This morning, like every day, I went to the hospital and I remembered you. I always do since you left. We had to be especially careful not to hurt you, since sometimes you were on the ground, because your little legs have already started to fail … However, it is not the main reason why I remember you every day. That reason lies in the bottom of my heart and in the purest feeling that you woke up in it. You didn’t even reach 10 kilos and you was wearing a tremendous genius, but I adored you with all my being, as did your hospital moms. You were special. Special was your way of walking, your character, your eagerness to eat all the sweets. You were my grumpy granny …
We have suffered your ups and downs and I admit that sometimes I did not want to go to the hospital early in the morning for fear of finding something that I would never have wanted to see. Afterwards, I breathed easy knowing that one more day you were fighting like a true champion!
When things seemed to be going well, we planned your trip. It was the opportunity of your lifetime! But then the Covid came to truncate all our dreams … The only good thing about all that is that we were able to enjoy you more.
I have hundreds of photos of you in my gallery. Hundreds of memories with you. And your last necklace hanging on my computer screen …
I have caressed you until I said enough. I have filled you with kisses, and yet now I think I did not kiss you enough …
And I carry in my soul the last kiss that I gave you with tears in my eyes, before getting on the truck that would take you to your new life.
You kept us in suspense during the whole trip! And we didn’t breathe easy until Mama Nicole scooped you up in her arms.
Thank you Nicole for giving Yina the best last days of her life. My eternal thanks and that of all my colleagues for taking such good care of her.
And now, my grumpy granny, you know what you have to do when you get to heaven, make them all firm and let them find out who is the boss!
Give a kiss to everyone who has already left and tell them that we miss them so much.
Fly high, my little girl. And take the opportunity to run now that you are free from pain …
I love you with all my soul❤

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