Dear Ulrich,
We don’t even know what to say … We don’t get the words … Maybe because we never imagined that we would have to write them …
Today the entire FBM team is in mourning.
You have left us empty.
You have suddenly left and it is still difficult for us to assume it.
You were a special being. And peculiar too, because under that tough man’s appearance, you hid a noble soul and a huge heart.
A huge heart with an immense love for animals.
For our dogs, you travel miles and miles to collect donations.
For them, you came to Fbm whenever you could to collaborate as a volunteer.
For them, you loaded trucks full of donations,
And just like that, while you were loading the last truck full of donations for our dogs, it just happened.
We have wanted nothing more these days than your recovery … But your time had come …
We will not see you again …
Thank you from the heart for your dedication and dedication for the welfare of our dogs.
Thank you for having shared so many moments with us,
For your help,
For your huge heart.
Eternally grateful to you ❤
Have a good trip friend, wherever you are, take care of us.
Here we will always remember you 🖤

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