They have done it again! Our friends from Galgoland – FBM – were with us a few days ago and gave us a wonderful gift 🥰 Throughout the year, they hold different events and meetings in favor of our galgos and each year, on one of their visits, they bring us the whole money collected in a piggy bank, of which only we have the key. When we got ready to count the money, we were not able to believe how lucky we are … Donations made with the heart that made us excited and also moved our friends who could not suppress the feeling of satisfaction and happiness when knowing the reward to a whole year of dedication to help us. We needed to build a new warehouse, and the money raised has allowed us to do it. And not happy with it, they have also helped us in the assembly.🛠🧱
Thanks. Big thanks. Huge thanks we give you on behalf of the entire team, to each and every one of you who have collaborated to make it possible! You make FBM continue to grow!
We continue hand in hand, growing together …

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