Happiness 99% complete 🔋

Happiness 99% complete 🔋
The happiness of our little ones is the goal. But there is a way to go to the finish, and no one said it was easy …
Emotion, kisses, hugs and tears we lived yesterday saying goodbye to our little ones.
Helix came to us pregnant months ago and a few days to give birth. We live the end of her pregnancy and especially the birth with a tremendous illusion. We have seen her puppies born, and grow up happily with us, and yesterday, both Helix and 3 of her little guys set out on their new lives …
And on the other hand we had our sweet and little Zoe. With a hard past, and to whom we promised a better life. Today, after weeks with us and as many weeks with our friend Maria who had her in foster fome and more pampered than ever, we have said her goodbye. We have kept our promise, and we have found the best family for her. The one that will not only bear the cost of all the treatment that her illness entails, but also the one that has the challenge of making her the happiest dog in the world.
A new life for them.
A happiness one small step from completion.
We are going to miss you so much …

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