Haya arrives with her ear amputated … 😔

⚠️ Some images can hurt your sensitivity ⚠️
Late yesterday afternoon, a greyhound was brought urgently. They warned us that he had a wound on his ear, but what we saw, (although it is not the first time) left us breathless: Haya has her ear completely amputated …
We do not know anything about his past, but what we can imagine is that the injury to his ear is not accidental … Federated greyhounds usually have a tattoo on their left ear. Coincidentally, Haya’s missing ear is her left ear. Draw your own conclusions …
It has already been cured, treated and is being pampered like never before. And to top it all, it seems that she has already forgiven the cruelty of humans, because after all, she is super affectionate and very very good …
We are going to give her back the happiness he deserves, and we are going to do everything possible to make her forget her horrible past.
You will be very happy little girl, we promise you ❤
Welcome Home!
Help us return her happiness! Colaborate with us,

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