Heading home 🏠

Yesterday as usual, it was an emotional Friday and we said goodbye to some of our furry friends. Between them, we said goodbye to the sweet Tormenta and Tigro, one of the dogs that had been with us the longest. 4 puppies were also traveling, and three of them said goodbye to their foster families. With just a few days old, Turco,Pumba and Suara were found in a box abandoned in the countryside. And after an appeal for help, these families took them home where they have been cared for wonderfully and they have not lacked for anything 🥰 Today more than ever, these families will understand that bittersweet flavor that we talk about when we say goodbye to them: happy for their new life, but sad for his departure …
Dear families, Thank you. Because without your help they would not have succeeded, and because almost without wanting to, you have helped them to adapt to their new lives easier. Like us, you will miss them very much, but we promise that they will be very very happy! ☺️

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