Hi! My name is Copita 😊

Hi! My name is Copita 😊
Copita is the fourth protagonist of our loving puppies. From the first moment we were clear about what her name was going to be, and that is that she is adorably white and tender 🥰 Like her brothers, she is mixed breed, she is two and a half months old, and she is another teddy bear that makes you want to eat her! Copita is playful and affectionate. She came all the time looking for us and loves to nibble our shoelaces. Of course, she is also looking for the forever family that gives her the games, pampering and happiness she deserves!
Will you be the one in charge of providing it her?
• Adopt: https: //fundacionbm.com/adopta/
• OR SHARE, to help her find family 🙏

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