Today is the day of Luna (Moon)
She came to us a few weeks ago for a vet checkup and she was admitted to our hospital. In addition to having paralysis in her hind legs, Luna is positive for Leukemia. We thought that she would be with us for a short time, because she already seemed to have a family that was going to adopt her, but at the last moment we were left without adoption for her … 😔
Luna is a young kitten, super good and playful as well as beautiful. She starts meowing at us when she sees us to get our attention and she takes her paw out behind bars to play with us.
This weekend, one of our companions took her as a foster home to her, and he tells us that she has had a great time running (in her way) around the garden.
Our veterinarians tell us that with a little rehabilitation, it is very possible that Luna will regain some mobility in her paws.
We are looking for a family that is committed to her and to her condition 100% of her.
She must be a single cat, or else share the kingdom with another cat with Leukemia.
Today is her day, and it would be wonderful if someone gave him the chance of her life …
Put a “Kitty” in your life! 😻

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