Hi!! We are 8 little brothers looking for a home! 🏠 We were about to be taken to the kennel and euthanized but FBM rescued us just in time! Our mother is a greyhound mix and although we are not very bony, we carry greyhound DNA! We know that being mix breed we have less chance of being adopted, but we give the same love and company as any other puppy! 🐾👣 We are playful, friendly and very affectionate! 🥰 And today we have taken our best profile to look handsome in the photos and that you fall in love with us! ❤
Anyone around here willing to give us a chance? Or at least, can you help us by sharing our beautiful faces? This way we will reach more people and we will have more options!
Fill out and send the adoption form here ⬇️

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