Maxi donation of feed for our dogs! 🍗🐶

Maxi donation of feed for our dogs! 🍗🐶
A few months ago we told you that our friends from Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V. together with the animal welfare organization VETO – Tierschutz they ran a campaign to help our greyhounds and the result was overwhelming. They already sent us in March a first truck full of feed with which we have fed our dogs for 4 months. And this week, we have received the second truck with which we will have for another 4 months!
31 pallets of feed, and another pallet of beds that will help us to replace the old beds that are already broken.
It is incredible all the help we receive … We are lucky, and we will never get tired of saying it 🤩
THANK YOU for all that this means for us,
And above all THANK YOU for what you do for our dogs! ☺️

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