In our centre we currently have more than 600 animals, the majority of which are greyhounds that have suffered mistreatment or abandonment. Knowing that it is estimated that about 60,000 greyhounds are abandoned once the hunting season is over each year and that it is estimated that 60% of abandoned dogs are greyhounds, the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation’s main objective is to make this situation known. Promotion through education of a greater knowledge of the needs of animals in order to promote their welfare, carrying out actions aimed at all social areas, in order to promote a society sensitized and aware of the problems of animal abuse and neglect, existing in our country.


It is for this reason that our objectives could be divided into:

  • Management of the Recovery Centre: its objective is the care and recovery of greyhounds that have been the object of mistreatment and abandonment, subsequently promoting their relocation in suitable homes. The daily care of so many animals requires a great effort in both human and economic resources, which is why the importance of your collaboration.
  • Participation in the development of the activities of other entities that carry out actions that coincide with or complement those of the Foundation itself. We all have to work in the same direction as we fight for the same purpose.
  • Prevention and denunciation of mistreatment of animals and their abandonment. Our activity cannot be reduced exclusively to the collection of animals, but rather to trying to prevent similar events from happening again.
  • Dissemination and advice on the proper care of pets. When we decide to acquire a pet is necessary to have knowledge that these depend on the human being and are the owners who must ensure their welfare and survival.
  • Promotion of responsible ownership. The choice to take an animal home, must be a well thought out decision and family agreement. Do not forget that the commitment will last the whole life of the animal.


Collaborate with the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation and save together those underprivileged greyhounds who need our help at this time, without forgetting to prevent new cases in the future, working on the development of a society more sensitive and respectful of animals.