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Erizo arrived to the Foundation in 2015, and in 2016 he was adopted in the USA.
Now he lives in Albuquerque with his adoptive mother Sherry, and has become a therapy dog who visits hospitals, schools and prisons. Sherry told us this story of the encounter between Hedgehog and a sick old man during a visit to the hospital.
Sherry and Erizo were walking the halls of the hospital and they came across an older man in a doorway of a doctor’s office. The man and his wife just received very bad news from his Dr, and his wife and Dr were not sure if he understood what they told him. Sherry asked the man if he wanted to pet Erizo, and the man bent down to pet him and told Erizo he just received some very bad news. His wife and Dr now realized he understood. The man pet Erizo for a little while and his wife asked if Erizo could visit him in the hospital. Erizo made several trips to the hospital to spend time with the elderly man, and during each visit several of his family members were visiting with him also and got to meet Erizo. After two months, the elderly man passed away. The family contacted Sherry to asked if Erizo could attend the wake. The family made special arrangements with the location for the wake to allow Erizo to attend.
Erizo not only helped a dying man deal with the end of his life, but he helped his family deal with his passing.
This is only ONE of the stories of Erizo and how a trash dog from Spain is helping heal and provide comfort to so many people and raising awareness about the Hunting Dogs of Spain.

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