(An adoption from the point of view of the adopted)
A widespread idea is based on the assumption that when an adopted animal arrives home, its behavioral course has to be adequate to the norms that already exist in the house and that what for us is everyday life should also be for they.
All these changes in their environment can make our new friend feel as if he were in a spacecraft like the well-known Nostromos and that a simple elevator has the same emotional valence as a dreary space corridor where you wait for a terrible alien.
Although it seems fun in your example we must put ourselves in the skin of our pet to help you overcome such situations.
For example, simple things like the texture of the floor, a sofa or a doorbell can be seen by them from a totally different perspective to the human. What implies that an animal that was sociable, without apparent fears and a balanced attitude, change when arriving home with us. Therefore, it is vital to gather as much information as possible about our new partner in the family. At the same time we prepare a plan of arrival so that our friend can adapt to his new environment gradually and learning to manage his day to day in the right way.
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Once arrived at this point, in which our companion has arrived home, we have
two great tools as they are:
– The habituation
– Positivization
Which can help us a lot so that our canine friends can adapt and overcome the day by day with us.
Habituation, definition and examples:
It is considered as the most primitive learning form of learning and is defined as the decrease of the response of an organism to a stimulus, in other words, it is the process by which we stop responding to what is not relevant.
It is a tremendously daily and frequent phenomenon in our day to day. Those people who live near an airport, a large road or a disco will recognize it easily, since if for you it is the first time that you are in the vicinity of so noisy places you will be impossible to live in those conditions, whereas Those who have been living in these conditions for a few weeks, no longer hear the noise pollution.
The habituation has acted on them, and has made the stimuli that for us are aversive at first, they are unable to listen to them if not paying close attention.
Positivitation, formed with the positive adjective and that means to give positive character to something or someone.
Once we understand these two concepts and analyze the first few days with our dog, we must identify those elements that require our intervention to better integrate our friend into his new environment.
For example: If we want our dog to integrate properly, it is best to start with the basics. Before we take you to a canine park, we need you to gain the greatest possible confidence in that environment. We can walk quietly around the area where the smell works and feel relaxed. We can never force what we do not want to do.
These are basic rules that must be carried out by the supervision of a professional. Because our objective from this perspective could be defined as:
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Autor/Author: Alberto Pi帽a Rivero

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