The King Melocot贸n 馃憫

He has only been with his new family for two weeks and Melocot贸n already become the king of the house!
Yesterday, his father, Davide, sent us a video where we see Melocot贸n enjoying his new life: Sitting on the couch while he watches television, and tastes some sweets …
If here we thought we had him spoiled, you have to see how his family has it !!! 馃グ They tell us that he adores his mother Elisa, from whom he does not separate, that he gets along very well with his brothers, that he runs with his “Ferrari” through the big garden and that his father does not stop taking pictures because they are delighted with him …
And the biggest smile is drawn on our face… And the occasional tear of satisfaction (why are we going to fool you…馃ゲ) Melocot贸n been very special and very dear to us. And seeing these images only makes us feel the greatest of the rewards for this hard work …
It is our greatest objective and seeing it fulfilled and also by far makes us feel absolutely happy and proud of it.
A million THANKS to Davide and Elisa for giving him this opportunity and for treating him like a king!
We did it,
You got it my “little mouse”
You have the life you deserve !!
I miss you every day, and will continue to do so …
But I promise we’ll meet again
I love you 鉂

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