The life they deserve 馃槉

Jengibre has been with us for almost a year and a half. He arrived with several fractures and his recovery has lasted all this time. I don’t know if this gives you an idea of 鈥嬧媓ow much we felt yesterday when we fired him. A year and a half is a long time. Several surgeries, days and days of cures, rehabilitation, pampering and especially love. Jengibre had her peculiar way of showing love by giving us little bites, and now our hospital looks empty without his nibbles … Torvi and Parla have also been two of our most pampered girls, as they have both been in our hospital for a long time. In total, 23 of our furry guys headed to Germany with our friends from Galgorettung Fr盲nkisches Seenland e. V.. And we are happy for them, but that lump in our throat does not go away … They deserve all the happiness in the world. They deserve this opportunity and this new life, and we deserve to see them happy after knowing what they have been through. Because that is our only goal, to lead them to the life they deserve.
Show all the love you know how to give and I hope you are equal or happier than you have been here.
Be very very happy!
We are going to miss you so much … 鉂

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