The new life of Egipto ❤

Many of you already know him, but for those who do not, I will briefly tell you his story.
Egipto was run over and had to be operated on with 3 of his legs. It was a long and hard process. Egypt was always cheerful and loving, and that is how it conquered all of us who knew it. Also to Gloria, a great friend of ours who has collaborated with us several times, and she did not hesitate to take him to the foster home.
You can imagine the rest of the story … 🥰
Egypt stayed forever with Gloria and her family and they couldn’t be happier !!!
They send us these photos that do nothing more than make us smile from ear to ear. Egipto is pure love and he finally has the life and happiness he deserves!
Pd: Do you think that is a ok cat’s dog? 😜

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