The terrible state of Bocelli as a result of his abandonment … 😢

We don’t get used to it …
Again horrified by what our eyes see …
Again anger, helplessness and sadness. Much sadness to see such an animal …
And he, happy and grateful to us and to whom he rescued him, has not stopped wagging his tail all the time …
How is it possible?!! 😢
They found Bocelli abandoned in the field and in the condition that you see …
He has leishmania, erlic, anaplasma, and filaria.
We believe that because of Leishmania he has lost his eyelids. He is completely blind in his right eye, and we will soon take him to the ophthalmologist to have his left eye evaluated, although we have little hope …
Veterinarians think he is older, but he may even be younger just that he is very deteriorated.
He has anemia, polyarthritis and inflammation in all the joints of his body
We are running more tests and waiting for the results, but everything indicates that we will have to put a stronger dose for the pain.
He can’t walk well, yet he chases us to get pampering and pampering.
He’s adorable.
And he definitely doesn’t deserve to be like this …
How lucky they will find you small
And how lucky that he is now part of our family.
You have just arrived and you have already settled in our hearts ❤
You will get ahead,
We promise you
We owe it to you …
Help us to continue saving lives,

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