Our hospital is still full. With almost 30 patients, our veterinary team works tirelessly not only to recover them, but to make their stay as pleasant as possible, within the difficulties they go through. Many of you ask us how they continue to evolve, and that is why we want to give you a summary of some of our patients.
– Fede: The wound on his leg is progressing very well, but his carpal joint is damaged, and we are trying to recover it.
– Cloti: The medical team decided not to undergo surgery, since the surgery did not offer us any guarantee of improvement either. Cloti will not walk again, and will have to use a cart for the rest of her life.
– Genaro: We are removing the screws from the plate little by little.
– Renne: Renee does not evolve much, she is quite lazy and has a hard time walking. We continue with rehabilitation and a lot of patience waiting for the miracle …
– Solete: A cancellous graft was performed. It evolves well, but very slowly.
– Ambra: The tarsus is ossifying well, but continues with antibiotics for the infection.
– Manuel Pablo: He underwent arthrodesis and is evolving very well.
– Tifany: We have started to remove some screws.
– Chica: We have started to remove some screws.
– Omer: He has had cruciate ligament surgery in his knee. It is evolving well.
– Brad: He is gaining weight and is more animated. A change in treatment for leishmania begins shortly.
– Travis: The badge was completely removed today. (Still as crazy as ever😝)
– Oliva: She is evolving very well since the surgery.

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