Valeria’s great trip ✈️

Valeria’s great trip ✈️
Her day has come. After more than 10 months with us, and during all that time be almost invisible, Valeria begins today the great journey of her life. She will cross the ocean, to be adopted with her new family nothing more and nothing less than in the United States! She has spent practically all her time in our hospital, since she arrived with a fracture of the ulna and radius, and also had some complications that made her remain hospitalized. After receiving the medical discharge a few weeks ago, and seeing that no one had noticed her, we got down to work to change that situation as soon as possible, and our colleagues from SAGE Save A Galgo Español  have been in charge of finding a family for her and give her this opportunity that she deserved so much.
On this long journey, she will not be alone, as she is accompanied by Timoteo, Benito, Caya and Delfo. All of them will fly in search of the opportunity that will change their lives 🤩
We have made it little girl!
Passengers: fasten your seat belts !! 🛩
Have a good trip guys. Be very happy.

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