Do you want to help but cannot adopt now an animal? Lack of time? Lack of space? Thanks to our program SPONSORS you are now able to help an animal that you choose and make at the same time his life more agreeable till the moment she or he finds a definite home.
By sponsoring an animal you contribute to the daily costs such as food, medical care, medication etc. It gives you also the possibility of visiting her or him each Saturday morning by appointment made in advance. Then you can also take active part in her or his education and just in case you decide then to adopt, you have priority.
In addition to that your contribution helps us to reduce the costs of this animal and we are then able to spend the money saved in the rescue of another animal. This way you do not help “only” one but two animals at the same time.In case of adoption of your sponsored animal, you are given the choice to “transfer” sponsorship to another one you choose.
I already made my decision. How can I sponsor an animal?
Please simply fill in the following form indicating your personal data and we will contact you very soon.