It is an area isolated from the rest, where the smallest rest. With the appropriate infrastructure to keep them protected from external factors, which can be dangerous to the health of the most vulnerable.

Canine Residence

Prepared for our canine visitors who want to spend a holiday are at their best. We are aware that your best friend will not be anywhere like at home, but in the philosophy of our Foundation the welfare of our furry is first, so you can rely on us to delegate their care and attention, we guarantee that your buddy will feel at home with us.

Veterinary Clinic

The construction of these facilities allows us to continue carrying out our work with a better quality in the hygienic-sanitary attention of the animals, in addition to offering a much more personalized treatment and adapted to the needs of each one of them.

Veterinary Hospital

Located inside the veterinary clinic, it is the room where the most serious cases are treated. Constant supervision and a professional staff guarantee the necessary means to attend each case correctly.


Although it is not common, sometimes we are presented with serious cases of kittens on the street. For these cases we have facilities equipped for them with an interior area set as a house and an exterior area with different stimulations so that their stay in the foundation is the best possible experience to get them a definitive home.

Outdoor Area

Composed by 36 cheniles, they are divided in two parts, an internal zone where they have their beds, isolated of the heat and the cold, and an external part where to enjoy outdoors. Once their playtime is over, they still have an area where they can continue playing with their buddies.


Composed by 120 cages, it is where our young greyhounds live, after a period of quarantine, and where they wait to be adopted. Normally two by two, with their respective beds because greyhounds are animals used to living in herds and do not like to live alone. In many cases, one bed would be enough, as they love to share.


With almost 20.000m2 of size, the great part is formed by multiple playgrounds where all our “inhabitants” can spend several hours daily before returning to their cheniles. Always in small groups and compatible with character, it is a time to enjoy and play every day.

Hostel for visitors

There are many volunteers who visit us from other countries or other cities in Spain aware of the problem that currently surrounds the greyhound. For these people, who have the opportunity to live the experience in first hand, we have our guest house where they can spend a comfortable stay in our facilities.

Classroom training

Reserved to carry out one of our goals, which is education and awareness of the population. There are several courses and lectures given in our center. Counting with the necessary means so that all the activities can be developed with the best possible quality, and what is even more important, reaching the heart of each student.