Know our facilities

Dog Hotel

Organised with our canine visitors in mind, to provide the best experience possible while their family is on vacation. We realise that for man’s best friend there is no place like home, but keeping with our philosophy that the wellbeing of our furry friends is the most important, their stay at our Dog Hotel will be focused on health and happiness. He or she will feel as close to being at home as physically possible.

Veterinary Clinic

The construction of the clinic allows us to continue doing our best quality work along with a special focus on hygiene and sanitary conditions. We can now provide a more personal approach to each dog. The clinic is now open to the public.

Veterinary Hospital

Located inside our veterinary clinic, this is where our most urgent cases are treated. With constant supervision from qualified staff, we are guaranteed to have the necessary means to treat every individual case.

Rehabilitation Center

A large number of the animals that arrive at FBM are cases that need special care and procedures due to serious injury following an accident. FBM has special areas for physical therapy and rehabilitation with all the necessary equipment and staff specialised in both areas.

Quarantine and Isolation Areas

In the face of possible contamination due to infectious diseases or other contagious illnesses, we have an area of the hospital that is completely isolated. Here the animals with contagious ailments can recuperate fully without putting the other hospital residents at risk.

Lecture Hall

Always reserved for one of our main objectives which is the education and raising of awareness of the general public. We have many talks and courses given in the shelter. Always providing interesting topics with up to date information with the intention of touching as many hearts as possible.

Visitors Center

We have many volunteers that come to us from other countries and other cities in Spain who are well aware of the plight of the galgo. For these volunteers who want and need a first hand experience with galgos, we have our guest house where they can stay and live comfortably within the confines of the shelter.


When FBM first opened we had many farm animals that came to us in need of refuge and care. This is where they lived and were cared for. Now after some years this area has been repurposed to house the animals that need a quieter place than the naves, to rest and recuperate from the extreme trauma they experienced from abandonment and or abuse.

Outside Areas

Comprising of 36 runs, divided in two sections, an interior part with beds and shade and warmth in winter, and an outside run for outdoor time. Once the dogs have had their “recess” in large groups they still have a smaller area to play and relax.


Made up of 60 cages, this is where the majority of our galguitos live, after having passed a quarantine period. They will stay in the nave until they are adopted. They usually live in groups of 4 with respective beds for each. Galgos are dogs used to living in packs and prefer to live in groups. In many cases we see cages with only two beds being used. They love to snuggle together in pairs!

Puppy Zone

In another isolated area at the shelter we have our puppies. They are kept safe and secure from the possibility of catching diseases or being bullied by older dogs. They have all the amenities that the other areas have but separated for safety.

Cat House

Although infrequent, sometimes we have cats with serious injuries sent to the shelter. Therefore, we have a cat area with an inside area for sleeping and shelter as well as an outside enclosed with climbing structures and plants and toys so that their stay is as comfortable and home- like as possible.


With almost 20,000 square meters of space, a large part of the area is divided into recreation spaces. Here the dogs spend several hours a day playing and running around with their friends from other cages. Always small groups with compatible dogs so as to not have problems while playing.

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