We have two consultations, a complete laboratory, diagnostic imaging ( x-ray and ultrasound), hospitalization room, pre-quirophan and operating room. Everything of the best quality to be able to offer your buddy the best service and always attended by an experienced team, formed by three veterinarians and three veterinary assistants who work every day with more than 600 animals, the health of your pet is guaranteed to be in the best hands.

Canine Hotel

In the FBM we put at your service our Hotel Canino, with rooms that have a covered area of 3 m2 and a private outdoor patio of 9 m2, decorated with piped music. In addition, your friend will enjoy 2000 m2 of recreation and leisure areas for a minimum of 5 hours a day, always under the supervision of our specialized staff, with extensive veterinary training and canine psychology.

Theraphies assisted by dogs

We have a pioneering service with a wide demand based on the implementation of assisted interventions, in which our experts work to improve the quality of life of people in different groups, in which our main help comes from our “co-therapists” of four legs from our center and demonstrating once again, the potential of animals in helping people’s welfare.

Training Courses

The “Veterinary Clinical Assistant Course” as the star course, the only one approved by the Government of Andalusia. With a duration of 420 hours, train yourself in a profession of the future. Currently working on the creation of basic obedience workshops and behavior modification with a methodology based on respect and bond with our best friend, in addition to having a team with wide experience and training.


Educational Project

Currently dedicated to the programming of the awareness campaign for schools created by the County Council of Seville. Aimed at the 46 villages with less than 5,000 inhabitants where the Seville County Council collects abandoned and lost animals. We know that the important thing is to work on the root of the problem and this project is the first step.

Accessories Shop

Within our veterinary clinic you can enjoy the collection of the most innovative articles for your best friend. Coming from several countries and in most cases handmade, make the complements that your pet can carry are in most cases exclusive. Necklaces, coats, sweets, … are some examples. Without forgetting, of course, their owners. Come to know our exclusive products!