Veterinary clinic

We have 2 consultation rooms, complete laboratory services, x-ray machines, sonogram machines, hospitalization facilities, pre-op area and operating room. All top quality to offer the best service and most complete diagnosis for your best friend. We have 4 veterinarians and 3 vet techs who care for more than 1,000 dogs each year. The health of your pet is guaranteed to be in the best hands at our clinic.


At FBM we present you with our Dog Hotel, with rooms that contain an interior covered space with a private exterior patio, covered as well for all kinds of inclement weather. Each room is wired with calming music piped in throughout the day. Furthermore your best friend will be able to enjoy 2000 square meters of play space which is available several times each day for supervised playtime. Our staff is all educated in dog behavior and have ample veterinary knowledge.


  • General: 12€ per night
  • More than 15 days: 10€ per night
  • Discount for members 20%
  • Discount for a second animal.
  • Special fares for long stays.

Dog assisted therapy

We offer a pioneer service with great demand based on assisted interventions. Our staff work towards bettering the quality of life for people with many different types of handicaps. Our “coo-therapists” with four legs work alongside our staff to aid in various types of therapy and rehabilitation. Once again demonstrating the ability of animals to aid in the wellbeing of humans.

Training courses and workshops

The course for Auxilary Vet Texhnician , our most popular and highlighted course enables you to work towards a future profession. Working to create workshops in basic obedience and behavior modification with a method based on respect and a link to our best friend. We rely on our highly trained and educated aged staff for instruction.


With lots of experience from executing the campaign for raising awareness and mindfulness for education centers created by Council of Sevilla in 46 municipalities. We know the importance of working with the root of the problem and this project was our first step. Since then we are constantly working to carry the message to the youngest generations who are really the future of our country.

Clinic store

In our clinic as well as in our online store you can find the latest things for man’s best friend. Coming to us from many different countries and usually made by hand, you can be sure that your pet will be wearing the most exclusive collars and clothes around. Collars, clothes, … are some examples. There are even articles for the owners as well! Enter below to see our products or come to FBM and see them firsthand.

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