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  • Family and Home
  • About animals in general
  • About adoption
  • About the adoption costs

Datos personales



ID Number

Birth Date




Postal Code


Telephone number



Number of people living with you and relationship between you

Number of children

Children's age


Type of home

House's square meters (approx)

Housing regime (Rent or Property

If renting, is the landlord agree with having animals?

Would the animal live inside the house?

Place where the animal would sleep

Does the home have terrace or courtyard? (describe briefly)

What is your work schdule?

About animals

Do you know how many years a dog can live ?

What do you look for when choosing a dog?

What do you think a dog needs?

What expenses do you think it means to have a dog?

What average price do you think a veterinary visit has?

What diet do you think is suitable for a dog?

What negative aspect of dogs bothers you the most?

Why are you thinking about to adopt a dog?

Did you have a dogs before?

Breed and size of your last dog

What relationship did you have with them?

How did you get them? If you have adopted them, where?

What happened to them?

About adoption

Name of the chosen animal

Characteristics (If no specific candidate has been chosen, list the characteristics sought: age, race, character ...)

The animal that you adopt, would it be for you?

Who had the decision to adopt the animal?

Do all household members agree with the decision?

Who would have the greatest responsibility to taking care for the animal?

Are there other animals in the home? (how many, species, age, character, used to living with other animals or not)

Are they sterilized?

Why have you decided to adopt this animal?

If this is the case, why did you decide on a puppy?

If this is the case, why did you decide on an adult dog?

What are you going to do with the animal when you go on holidays?

Why do you decide to adopt instead of purchase?

Faced with a maladjustment or behavior problem in the animal, what will you do?

Have you ever visited an animal shelter? Are you a member of a protector? Which one?

Would you be agree if we need to make a previous home visit?

Would you be willing to inform us periodically of how the animal is?


Do you agree to make an adoption contribution?

What did you think about this questionnaire?

Do you have any suggestion?

How did you hear about us?

If there is any additional information about the adoption that you think is convenient to know for us, please indicate it below.