Paloma was the best. The best among a whole group of greyhounds of a galguero, the favorite.
She was the fastest, the most cunning, the most valuable.
And one fine day while hunting, under the proud gaze of his galguero, he broke the cruciate ligament in his knee.
And then Paloma was no longer the fastest, nor the most cunning, nor the most valuable. From the pride that the galguero felt for her, he began to feel sorry for not knowing what to do with her … Among his options was to “avoid suffering” in an unhuman way or abandon her to her fate. But luck was to meet two people who, knowing her situation, wanted to help her and give her a second chance.
Now Paloma is in our hospital under our care and will soon be operated on to correct the injury to her knee. If you knew how sweet and good she is, you would feel even more anger to know how different her future could have been …
Your legs and your speed do not determine your value. For us, GOLDEN VOUCHERS.
Welcome home little girl, a better world awaits you … ❤
Help us to continue saving lives,

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