After the latest tests, we finally have a diagnosis.
Candy has “Intestinal Lymphangiectasia”
Intestinal lymphagiectasia is an inflammation of the intestinal lymphatic vessels. This anomaly causes her to lose protein at the intestinal level and causes ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen). She is already receiving corticosteroid treatment and a special low-fat diet.
Her future is uncertain and will depend on her evolution: she may regress and lead an apparently normal life, or in the worst case, considerably reduce her life expectancy… 😔
She is currently on a foster home with one of our colleagues and is receiving all the attention and pampering 🥰
If love is the best medicine, we are going to cure her very very well!! ❤
➡️ Due to her illness, we need a special type of veterinary diet food.
You can help us in 2 ways:
• Buy and send us special food for Candy (Royal Canin gastrointestinal puppy canned wet food/ dry feed)
Concept “Food for Candy”

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