Guillian gives us hope again ❤

Guillian is only 15 years old and has a huge heart.
In 2019 he arrived with his family from Toronto to volunteer with us. They fell in love with all of our dogs and decided to give one of them a chance, and adopted our friendly Spinel greyhound. Their intention was to come back and collaborate with us again, but because of the pandemic they couldn’t do it, so Guillian looked for an alternative to help us.
She organized a fundraiser that she has been involved in for months, and has raised an incredible and enormous amount of money with which she has left us all speechless.
Guillian is undoubtedly an example to follow!
She is a breath of tranquility for those of us who have our hopes placed on the new generations.
Guillian shows us that it is possible.
And how nice it would be if we all had Guillian’s heart! ❤
Dear friend, more people like you are needed!
Thank you from the heart for your enormous generosity, for your involvement, and for your support.
Our little guys and we are looking forward to seeing you again,
Please come back soon! 🥰

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