ZonaSociosIn FBM we struggle daily against the abandon of animals in our society and for solutions. This misery has been getting worse and worse for the last several years. Due to recent studies year by year more than 200.000 animals are abandoned in our country. This corresponds to one animal per 3,5 minutes…
We are convinced that the basis and starting point to achieve a change is making people more conscious and aware of responsible treatment of animals. Therefore FBM makes campaigns of information and awareness, has an own educational project sustained and realized by professionals in order to teach children and youngsters to respect animals and take good care of them. So they grow up with this knowledge and once they are adult they maintain this respect.
In order to be able to realize these projects and to maintain our shelter we need your help. For a fee of EUR 5,– per month you could support us considerably and at the same time you would take advantage of a discount of up to 70 % in our Veterinary Clinic and others associated.
So, do not hesitate any more and become a member of FBM!

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