Don’t be fooled by her appearance. Fernanda is one of the most loving and adorable dogs that we have with us. 🥰 She sneaked into one of our cars, and she’s also sneaked into our hearts. And now we begin the fight to find her a family that is willing to receive so muuuch love, which is what Fernanda is willing to give, and also what she needs the most.
To one step away from fully recovering, Fernanda is more than ready for it.
Have you seen how she has been recovery and how beautiful she is? Have you seen that sweet little face?
“We are looking for a house with a heart for this heart without a home” ❤️

Will you be the one to give her this opportunity?
Fill out and send the adoption form here ⬇️
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Our little girl has not yet regained feeling in her paw, but it is still early days and we have to give her more time.

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