For many years, travel days have always been a special day, but there are days, and “days”. And today is one of those days….

And many of you have already seen it this morning, but we could not fail to show you the photos of this special day…

There have been 20 dogs who have undertaken the journey to a better life, and although that is always our goal, we can not help but get excited and a little sad to know that we will not see many of them again. Those who have been part of our history, of our lives, and for many, of our hearts.

Esperanza, Maquiavelo, and Thanos were three of the last dogs to arrive in terrible conditions at the foundation. All three have been patients at our hospital, all three arrived with a terrible past behind them, and all three have made an amazing recovery.

But many of you already know that we had a predilection for her… Because of her sweetness, her sympathy and the empathy we had with her when we heard her story.

Esperanza takes a little piece of many of our hearts and we know that many of yours too.

For days we have been trying to assimilate what was going to happen today, but even knowing that she is going to a wonderful life, we can’t help but be moved to tears. It’s terribly hard to assimilate that we won’t see her again…😔….

How hard, even knowing the life that awaits them…..

To you little one, and to each and every one of us who have said goodbye today, we wish you the dream life you have always deserved.

Be very happy ❤️

Infinite thanks to our friends at Insieme per FBM odv and Levriers Sans Frontieres for making it possible again 🫶🏽

Pd: We promise we will keep on telling you how they are doing in their new lives 😊.

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