3, 2, 1…17!!

Destination? Happiness!!
Yesterday we said goodbye to 17 of our dogs. All of them headed to Belgium with the help of Galgo Save Belgium .
It was a quiet morning, even though feelings were running high.
Again the smile on our faces to see them leave towards happiness …
But again, one of the most difficult moments for us …
We said goodbye to Monday, Gofre, and our super mate Casper among others. He, who arrived with his friend Aslan, saw how he left last week, and today a week later, luck has come to him.
By now, many of them will already be with their new families enjoying the first hours of their new lives.
Thanks again to all these families who make it possible, and who are the cherry on top of our work, finally giving them the happiness they deserve.
Today, we have 17 more footprints in our hearts …🐾❤️

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