Renee’s happy ending.
Tilo’s happy ending.
Thais happy ending …
Friday’s trip was the start of 30 happy endings. Thanks to Insieme per FBM Odv they start their new life in Italy, and now they will live happily their first days at home, their first Christmas, the warmth of a home, and the happiness they deserve.
And although each and every one of them and their stories touched our hearts, we cannot help but get emotional remembering the farewell to our precious Renee.
Thousands of moments passed through our head: her arrival, her rehab sessions, her crazy days, her first steps, her craving for sweets … But above all, the love she gave us every day … Because Renee was pure love🥰
8 months by her side, fighting with her and for her, until we got it. Minutes before getting on the transport, a moment alone to give you hundreds of kisses and that you always carry them with you. Just before going up, one more last kiss. The most bitter, the one about the farewell … And the saddest and most sincere “I love you” of all …
Goodbye little one, we’re going to miss you so much …

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