4 New lives safe!

The notice this morning from a friend of ours. A regular galguero from whom we always pick up greyhounds, wanted to get rid of two of them and without hesitation we took the car to meet them.
Luck was on our side, and while the galguero delivered two beautiful females to us, another galguero from the same place that was passing by commented that he was in the same situation and that he had two females that he no longer wanted … Blessed coincidence! Well, we also went without hesitation to the farm where he had these beautiful gauges and you do not know how lucky they were that we passed right there at that time.
In the farm we found several dogs in addition to several greyhounds, but it was the greyhounds that were in the worst conditions … We are not referring to physical conditions or abuse, because we could even appreciate the “appreciation” that they had for some of them, but we understand that having greyhounds tied by a chain to a tree is not the best life for them …
We insist on taking the others, especially an older galga and another beautiful and very nice galga, but with them we were not so lucky.
We have called them Hera, Lenka, Karen and Seren and from today they begin the life that not even in their best dreams they would have dreamed of.
We still have our hearts sinking from having left the other two beautiful gauges behind, but we promise you that we did everything possible and still, we couldn’t bring them …
(We will continue to insist to see if we can convince them and we can save two more lives)
Our work is only possible with your help.
Please, collaborate with us,

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