Dear Kotita…
We can tell you many things, but here we are more about doing than saying. You came to us in 2017, terrified along with your mother and siblings, and despite the difficulties of being in such a difficult environment for a case like yours, we have all done our bit to make your life a little easier. Those of us who have worked and dealt with you, have come to see your sweetest side, because yes, sometimes at times we have seen your fear disappear…
You leave with 6 of your colleagues in search of a better life thanks to Galgorettung Fränkisches Seenland e.V. and our friend Bianca who will be in charge of continuing our work, giving you all the love you deserve, and looking for the best future for you.
Hopefully, for you, a family that knows how to look beyond your fear, willing to give you back the trust that you had lost in people.
All the happiness for those who start a new life.
And all happiness to you, little girl.
You have left a mark. We will miss you very much…

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